Long delay for permanent certificates?


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Has anyone else experienced a very long wait for their permanment pilot certificates recently? My temporary expires later this month, issued on June 26. The FAA website says they are processing certificates with issue dates of July 25, and when I look up my records my instrument rating isn't listed, a checkride I passed in May. The DPE has offered to print an extension for me, but is this normal?

Sounds odd. I took my commercial checkride the end of August and received my permanent license in the mail last week.
Passed my Instrument Rating July 18th. My new certificate arrived this week too. May be worth chasing them up.
I passed my Private checkride on aug 8th and still havent gotten my permenant certificate. Im not worried about it yet though.

I filled out a lost cert form in the beginning of aug. (to get the new license) and got it 4 weeks later. I'd start to be concered if it goes past 2 months
When I got my PPL in Nov of 2001 I was told by my examiner to expect a LONG delay in getting my permanent certificate, and that if I needed, he'd take care of getting me the temporary extension. It only took a couple months though. When I got married and submitted a name change, I got one with my new name within weeks, it must have gone through a different office or something!