LOGTEN PRO- Import SKYW schedule (sorry another one)

Rodger Wilco

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I know, I know, I know,

There are tons of LTP threads out there I do apologize for the redundancy, but I need some help.

I cannot for the life of me get my SKYW schedule to import correctly from Sked+ to LTP... Cant do it!

I have read all the advice I can find and support from Coradine is practically non-exixtant. I can get my schedule into a CSV or EXL file perfectly and everything lines up on that LTP window where you assign flight number, date, to, from, etc... But then when I import it none of the times are there the crewmembers are missing half the time there is not date it is a MESS!

I bought this expensive software so that my logbook would be quick and easy, which has not been the case.

All help would be greatly appreciated.



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Have you tried copy and pasting the text block into the import schedule window under SkyWest Airlines in the drop down menu?

Realize you might have, but might as well start at square 1 to be sure.


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Do you guys use skedplus? I'm XJT (old asa) and that's what skyw gave us. What I do is have skedplus set on myschedule (not opentime or anything else)

Then hover over Export and click FFDO schedule. I will give you a text output separated by comma

Next go to logten and click import schedule. In the drop down I have mine set as flica because that's what I normally use, but it works just fine from skedplus as well

Copy and paste your FFDO schedule, check the box that says 'times are local', and click continue. It will bring up another page with flight number, date, times, etc. I always change the 'scheduled out' to 'out' and 'scheduled in' to 'in'. Then click 'Import'. That should do the trick.

It never imports crew names which pisses me off, but it's easy enough to enter in the logbook. Hope that helps.
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Rodger Wilco

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No nothing works. UGH! Very frustrating I paid a lot of money for this software. Their customer service is nonexistent, I have sent them emails for weeks and have got nothing but two automated response emails.

I just don't understand. Everything is lined up perfect and then I click import and it will only give me to and from and date...

I have tried FFDO, i have tried CSV, I have tried to import as ASA and SKW and as FLICA, humph! What a mess.

I wonder if it is because I didn't buy a new update or something?


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Is this import function something only desktop/laptop users of the software have?

Rodger Wilco

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I figured it out! Two things: Type must be in the same format as Skywest CRJ, not CRJ 200. CR7 and not CRJ 700.

Second thing I needed to convert "Block" to "Total Time"