Logging Time


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I was wondering if logging turbo prop time will affect my interview. Let me explain. I have a friend who flies with this guy whom owns a cheyanne (no type or high alt endorsement). He can not go with him this weekend. So he asked me. It will only be like 3 or 4 hours. But will the airlines ask me questions about the airplane, I have heard horror stories of this happening, I want to fly as much as possiable. So will logging this help me or hurt me.
Do you have a Check out in the acft? are you Multi? what do you expect to log PIC or SIC?

If you log SIC with no prior training, it may come up.
I'd say log everything and anything you can (within the parameters of time you can log).

If an interviewer comes after you asking in-depth systems questions on an airplane you spent all of four hours in, years prior to the interview, chances are he's on a witch hunt and if it wasn't the questions about the airplane it'd be some insaneley obsurd IAP question, or "your captain is doing this ..." type deal.

In otherwords ... fly it and have fun.

Just my stupid opinion, of course from a non-professional pilot.
How are you going to log it? It's single pilot aircraft, as far as a the FAA is concerned you're a passenger even if you're in the right seat...
I am commercial multi, single rated. I talked to my friend and the owner sits (right seat) and watches and helps out. The owner is a really awsome guy, always has a low time pilot with him to introduce them turbine planes. Also has a CJ1, but allows only CFI's to fly in that. My friend has logged some 50 hours over the last two years this way. But he has bought the POH and took a class on the plane, with those hours he needs to know the plane. As for me I know I can log it legally, but do not want to get railroaded in my interviews.