Logbook Pro


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They all do the same thing, pretty much. Try a few demos and see what you like. You can also try flightlogg.in

Its free and they email you weekly backups.

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I love Logbook Pro. As a matter of fact, I'm @ Starbucks right now [still] trying to get all my paper logs entered into it. Haha. Only about 1,400 hours to go. :banghead:

Seriously though, no complaints. I've had the Professional Ed. a few months now. Haven't had a chance to use its full potential, but I'm learning and I'm happy with it.

There are lots of other options out there though.

Check 6,
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I have used Logbook Pro for many years and love it. It makes filling out any airline application or insurance form quick and easy. They offer a free trial on their website.

Yes, the currencies are accurate and customizable. See the link in my signature. If you have any questions send me a PM.