LogBook Pro schedule import and C5

Max Power

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Any Commutair folks on here use the schedule import function in LogBook Pro? I used to use it on a Palm with another carrier and it was great. I now have an iPad(and iPhone) which I'd like to use it with. I'm not thrilled with paying for the SI service now, but I like the product in general.

I went to use the demo version of schedule import and it wouldn't work with the cut and paste from the .info schedule format. Am I missing something? Did I do something wrong or does it not work for Commutair?

Starting IOE on Monday, would like to get my logbook working again. Thanks in advance to anyone of any carrier who can help ;)
Turns out I wasn't "cutting" enough information from the trip sheet, so the importer didn't have enough info to work with. Works OK now. FWIW, between the cloud service and the schedule importer, it's $70 a year just to keep a logbook. Besides little issues like this, I've been happy with LogBook Pro since I've been using it for 5 years now. As much as I hate paying for it, to have up to date records nearly instantly is worth it to me. Makes filling out resumes a breeze, especially g-d Airline Apps.

Thanks for all with the help.
Hmm, I may have to look at it, but on FO pay I may just stick to entering it manually. I usually log by tail number and day, so I'm not dropping every leg in anyway. If I was a Mac guy using LogTen I'd probably be doing every leg to take advantage of some of the features that software has.

As for backups, I just save a backup to Dropbox every time I update my Logbook. Works good, last long time (I hope).
There is a tool/extension for chrome that will take the data from .info and put it all into a .csv file. If you want more info, let me know. I'll look when I get done with this trip (it's on my computer at home).
The continuing fees are irritating but well worth it. My logbook is up to date on my phone and desktop at home after every flight. I also have it set up to put the trips on google calendar which syncs with my wife's calendar and she has my schedule as soon as it's imported.