Logbook mistakes


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Hi, I am in search of a little advise. I recently purchased logbook pro and am in the middle of inputting all my entries in the program. I started out, as most, with the little Jeppesen student logbook that does not have a separate column for solo time. I later moved on to the larger professional logbook with the separate solo column. Its seems that when I forwarded the times for the solo column in the newer one I screwed it by about +10 hours or so and am only now finding the mistake as I am tranferring the hours to the computer, and after pages of entries following that. What is the best way to go about fixing this? Oh and I just had a checkride where I reported solo time on an 8710, which is also off because of the error. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
If I understand your problem well enough, I think the only real way to fix this is to go back and re-forward the solo times into your professional logbook. I'm sure you'd have to strike some stuff out, but that seems to me the best way to do it. I remember I did the same thing with my simulated instrument, and had to go all the way back a couple ratings to fix it.
Keep track of your errors and then make a one line entry at the end of your log to correct the mistakes. In the remarks section, put something like... adjustment for previous math errors
My vote goes for the one line correction. It will look alot better than having pages of white-out. Also for the little errors, get some ledger green white-out. You will probably have to special order it, but it's nice to have.

What you do with the computer program is up to you. In the computer you would probably have to input the correct times for every flight, since there is no way to do a 'subtraction' in the log book program.
i also agree with the one line correction... but when I have made a mistake, I annotate it in both directions. I go to the original inccorect/amended entry that I am correcting and say something like ## corrected on date XYZ.

This happened to me when my comm ASEL CFI did not give me PIC time in the Arrow until he gave me my endorsements, when in fact I was able to log PIC as the sole manipulator of the controls blah blah blah...