Location(s) with the Newest AND Oldest Fleet?


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I am a huge fan of TIS myself. TCAS would be better but I'll take what I can get. It really helps me get a visual on aircraft faster AND plan ahead for traffic coming my way. The DFW Bravo is busy as heck. I'll snap a few shots of the TIS screen during afternoon push....Not DFW push..Skymates push!

The one annoying thing is the loud ding and "Traffic Not Available" that comes on, usually on short final to flare or takeoff. Now that is just dumb.


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A seminole is a seminole is a seminole...
Just as long as it is not 22S, that piece of crap...
Sure the new ones are nice, you going to ATP to play around or get your ratings?


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All of the ATP Seminoles are registered under a separate company in Delaware. The planes are moved around anyway.

I say just go somewhere different. I drove all the way from VA to Riverside, CA. And I LOVED it. The terrain was amazing, and if you go to an ATP location on the West Coast, you make your way out East normally. Unless things have changed, you dont normally go west if you start out on the East.

The picture attached shows my routes. The yellow is from ATP. On my cross countries I made my way from Riverside up to Salem Oregon and then down and across all the way to Jacksonville. Sometimes we had old planes, sometimes we had new. Riverside had mostly old. But then CFI school in Vegas had all new.

Yes, things have changed. I attended in March and flew nearly the same xc's everyday...Riverside to Tuscon and back. Once in a great while we'd do the triange...Riverside-Phoenix-Vegas and back, but very rarely did they ever change the very scenic :sarcasm: RAL-TUS flight. When I started my xc's, I, like many other students, told dispatch I'd like to fly to the east coast and I, like many other students, got the same response: "we'll see what we can do." They want to get you done in the quickest amount of time without spending any extra money.


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Yeah, I got the Riverside to Sacramento leg 6 days in a row.
6 in a row?!!? Wow, I thought I had it bad with 5 trips to Sac during my x/c. I went up and down between RAL and SAC so many times, dispatched realized later on that I didn't have enough time allowance left for me to fly to Florida and back in a seminole. ATP ended up airline-ing my flight partner and I to Florida on JetBlue to do the jetride. :rawk:


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PHX, we have 4 Cessna SPs and 3 M models... For the Seminole, lately we have been doing all the local training in the 2000 models and some XC training in the 79s, (we seem to always have one or two 79s on the ramp now a days) that way the first time you see a 79 isn't on a XC with another student.. B/C it is a tad different with two separate RPM gauges and the placement of the engine instruments and whatnot....I suggest flying both throughout your training....Good luck!!!!!!!