Local Bank/Credit Union Options

storm glider

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I just got up here not even a week so am still brand new to the area. But I'm looking for local bank or credit union. It's for a colleague of mine who is an international student and doesn't have a car and so far I'm thinking University Federal Credit Union would be a good option since they're right here on campus. And it doesn't seem to have any fee's other than the $25 initial membership fee going off their website. Anyone have any more info for UFCU? Or any other international JC'ers set up local bank accounts here?


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Sounds a good plan, I thought of credit unions, often they want a utility bill etc, but best to ask. I used Wells Fargo for mine.


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My advice is always to never use a bank. Always join a credit union. I don't have any experience with any of those credit unions but all the credit unions I've used in the past have been nothing but great.

Remember, with a credit union you can use any other credit union ATM as long as they are a part of the Co-Op network (which is pretty much all of them). Also, any 7-11 in the USA has a Co-Op network ATM inside.


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I used UFCU when I was working at UND. I wanted to completely switch over to credit unions (still do) but right now with loans and credit cards that I have through Wells Fargo, it's just easier to stay with them. That being said, UFCU was great for me. The initial $25 isn't a fee, if/when you withdraw your membership you get it back. It's just a minimum deposit to a savings account.