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alright, I am having a brain fart. how can I get a new pic loaded for my avatar. I did search the FAQ and could not find anything. The pic is a .jpg file but when I go to upload the file I get "improper picture type".

help....if you can
Does it comply with this?

(180x180 max pixels, may be smaller) (.gif, .jpg, .png accepted)

[/ QUOTE ]
does the file name have the ".jpg" (or jpeg works too) extension on it? If it doesn't the message board probably doesn't know it's actually a JPG.

In other words if the name of the file is "mypicture"

Change it to "mypicture.jpg"
I right-clicked where it should be and got the URL; seems to be hosted at Geocities. I'm not sure if they allow remote loading, but if not, that might be why...
Yeah, geocities doesn't let you post pics on other places for some reason...

But have no fear because with a flick of the wrist it's all taken care of!