Lion Air "fatal" over-run in Indonesia...


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Photos and story here, warning there is a graphic photo a cow pinned down by the gear.

RIP to the cow who happened to be grazing at the wrong place at the wrong time. :(

On a serious note, 2 NGs off the runway in Asia in 2 days. Yikes. It has been pointed out elsewhere that this is over-run/land short number 11 for Lion Air since wonder the Indonesian carriers are black listed in the US/EU. Sheesh.
Lion Air, and most Indonesian carriers, are terrible. I'm fairly certain if there were an actual emergency on a plane everyone would be screwed, considering they can barely land a plane in good weather with a brand new airplane. I have a friend who was on one of those overrun incidents when it stopped 50 feet short of the ocean.
Well, from what I understand, their culture will probably shame them out of their flying jobs.

Korean news speculation has all been that the pilots saved the aircraft. This far anyway. We'll see what the investigators find and how the public receives it.

Japan is similar when it comes to pilot culture(except they have great stick and rudder skills), the JAL captain who landed a DC-8 short of the runway in the San Francisco Bay on approach to one of the 28s admitted total responsibility in a direct and honest fashion and was demoted to flying cargo only. However, he was allowed to continue and finish his career as a DC-8 captain.
What's going to happen to that Asiana crew? Do they get thrown in jail or anything? How does that work over there?


Indonesia's Ministry of Transport reported the aircraft landed in good weather and visibility when after touch down the crew noticed three cows on the runway, tried to steer the aircraft around them however hit the cows nonetheless, which resulted in the failure of brakes. The aircraft came to a stop about 10 meters past the paved surface of the runway end safety area. There is currently no explanation as to why the cattle was on the runway.

And henceforth, the 737 POH was revised to warn pilots not only of the dangers of hydroplaning on a wet runway, but also the dangers of hydroplaning on cows.

Talk about deer in the headlights. I'd probably laugh my ass off if I were up front on that one.