Life After College!?!?!?!


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Hello, Im a Senior at Fairmont State University and getting ready for the real world. Working on my CFI now and will instruct for the rest of the year but was really looking forward to getting a job flying cargo, airline, or charter as soon as I finish school. Whats the best route to go? Im not sure where I want to end up or what I want to fly. I just want to make a decent living flying.


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I graduated last May, and finished my CFI this summer. My college has had a flight program for the last 25 years, and now after a change of ownership at the local FBO the flight program is at a halt for the time being. Talk about bad timing. I take what private flight lessons I can get and work 40 hours/week as a line guy, 20 hours/week at a youth rehabilitation center, and whatever instructing/ferrying/119 gigs/whatever to build time.

I've found that times are tough right now and unless you have 1000TT/100ME you probably aren't going where you would like right now. Enjoy being a CFI for a while, because I don't think there is any other choice.

Sorry if this sounds bleak, but from my POV, it's realistic. Things will change, just stick with it and enjoy the trip. You only get one shot.:rawk:


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Agreed. Keep building time. Things will eventually turn around, and you want to make sure you have the flight time when they do. Maybe, by the time things do turn around, you will have a clearer picture in your mind of what you want to do.

Good Luck