LGA Area Crashpad?


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Will be an LGA Commuter starting in September. Anybody know how I can go about finding a crash pad. Have looked on crashpad411 but there's not a lot available listed.


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There’s a couple fairly active Facebook groups for NYC crashpads. Depending on your company, your CPO might have a couple of listings, etc.

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Passing along a list I received:

Steve’s Crash Pad (Cold Bed)
Phone – 917-686-6018
Where - Two locations on 101st Street between 23rd & 24th Avenue.

Beverly Crotty’s Crash Pad (Cold Bed)
Phone – 718-930-7555
Where – Two locations. One Curtis Street & 25th AVE. Two Ericsson & 25th AVE.

LGA Crash Pads INC.-Todd
Phone – 917-325-0739

Z-Pad – Janet White (Hot Bed)
I-Pad – (Cold Bed)
Phone – 386-479-9076
Where – Two locations 23rd AVE & 94th Street.

Kew Gardens Crash Pad/US Crash pad - Arthur
Phone – 917-204-5756
Where – Kew Gardens. Approximately halfway in between LGA and JFK.

Other Numbers to try:
Anthony's Place-718-490-3813
Julie's Crashpad-225-226-4522
Nino's Crashpad-347-415-7727
Parker Jurecki-917-502-9458