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Doc, I recently been prescrbed Levaquin for a sinus infection and as a result I will be taking this for the next 30 days after test etc for alergies and what not after a visit to my ear nose and throat doctor. I also will be having tubes put in my ears for the second time, first when I was 13 and now again...1st question, is levaquin a medicine that will not allow me to fly as it says on the bottle it may cause drowsiness even though i do not get these symtoms? Second, getting tubes put in my ear, will this effect m from flying? Kinda sucks getting hit with this all at once but my ears are a mess and my hearing stinks even though I passed my physical....

By the way why the heck would that medicen be 500.00..? Thank god for insurance..

Look forward hearing from you..
You should not fly until this is resolved. It is not the medication but rather the underlying sinus infection and ear problems that are the issue.

Levaquin is expensive. We usually do not use it for more than 2 weeks though. I have never seen it used for a month.

The tubes will require FAA approval to fly.
Ok thanks Doc....I am getting a second opinion on the tubes as my primary doctor told me to not even do it as it is only a temp fix and if i went this long I should reconsider my decision...