Let-410 down in Lukla Nepal


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2 killed as Summit Air plane loses control while taking off and hits chopper at Lukla

At least three persons have been killed and three others injured when a Summit Air plane taking-off for Kathmandu hit a Manang Air parked at the Lukla Airport Sunday morning.

Pilot of the Manang Air chopper and two police personnel have been killed in the accident while pilot of the plane and an air-hostess have been seriously injured.

There were no passengers in the plane, according to preliminary reports.

Sounds like a ferry flight veered off the runway into the busy helipad. Imagine just sitting in the chopper and watching this happen. Despite being one of the world's most dangerous commercial airports, Lukla has been operating much more safely recently than in previous decades, there were 5 accidents between 2004 and 2013 and this is the first since. Hopefully the injured F/A recovers.
I was at Lukla last spring. That helipad is real close to the runway...the chopper blades almost at the edge of the runway itself.

Unfortunate event and also in the peak trekking season.
Is this “Let’s see how far off the runway we can get” season? Commutair, AAL, Aeromexico, this guy in what, 4 months? With 3 of them being the last week?