Want to Buy Lesson plans


Macho Superpilot
I'm going to be doing a crash CFI course, and have a few students lined up after that.

I've made a few lesson plans, but work and school at the same time take away from my already valuable time.

Anybody willing to part with their lesson plans for a price? Ideally I'd like power point, but I can make that my own project once school is done in a few months.

Umm I bought that same CD and I'm pretty sure your not the owner of the material since the guy lived in Alabama. dhc2tacksby, I will give it to you for free instead of selling it. Also if you are the owner then I do have a lot of complaints, as well as you are selling copyrighted material like the GPS trainers. I went back and added instructor notes for almost everything in the PTS. There weren't any FOI notes as well, I added those in and all of AREA II and III have instructor notes added in with pictures.

I've got the CD and thought it was worth it, because I didn't have to google my self into oblivion to find all the info. It has a lot of data in it FAA AC's, Pamphlets, and books all in one place. Its also has lesson plans and other training material

I'll customized a lot of things I'm sure, but that's because it needs to have my personal touch.

I'm sure the GPS Sim stuff was included in the package free of charge:D
Yeah all the FAA stuff is free and I'm almost positive this guy isn't the real guy who made the CD up. Did your CD have a cover of a blue sky and said CFI/CFII Lesson Plans and Library? I just feel that all of this stuff should be free, I spend a few weeks going back and adding notes and I'm giving it away for free.
Bust out the PTS, airplane flying handbook, PHAK and make your own. Thats what I did and found that it made me more than prepared for the teaching portion of the CFI checkride. It only took about an hour or so for each lesson.