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I have to make a lesson plan on ILS, NDB, and VOR approaches as well as Low Enroute Charts in preparation for my CFI-I checkride and training. Any ideas on what to include/not include on the approach aspect of it? Thanks!
In the instrument flying handbook, they go over the approaches in a generalized way. For example, on page 7-33, they talk about the function of an ILS and how to maintain heading etc. I'm taking my CFII ride this week too, and I'm reviewing this book almost exclusively.

I wonder why your examiner is making you do lesson plans for the addition of an instrument rating to a CFI certificate. The area of operation (IV) Preflight lesson on a maneuver to be performed in flight is marked with a N for not required.
The examiner is not making me do it. It is my instructor. He said the examiner may ask for an explantion of how to shoot an approach and wants me to be prepared to explain it. By the way, should I have to practice slow flight and stalls under the hood for this checkride?
Look in your PTS, it tells you everything that is required. Slow flight is not one of them. Steep turns and unusual attitudes are. If you don't have it I recomment the Trevor Thom Instrument Manual published by ASA. The Instrument Oral Guide by ASA is also a great book.
I'm not a CFI student, but I am using the Instrument Flying Handbook for my IR and really like it. It's to the point.

I also read the ASA Instrument Flying book prior to getting the IFH and found the ASA book too verbose.

The IFH did in a hundred or so pages what it took ASA abotu 300 - 400 pages to do.
This format has worked well for me:

It worked well for preparing for the CFII checkride, but the examiner was already familar with my website and didn't want me to use my lesson plans. Oh well, I survived the oral anyway. I demonstrated a GPS approach to him during the flight. If I wasn't so nervous, I would have made HIM fly the approach while I talked him through it.

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