Length of program


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If I were to enroll at Flight Safety to get my CIME and CFI, CFII ratings, while already having my private pilot license, approximately how long will that take?

Another question...if I were to decide on enrolling, how long do I need between the time I sign up to the time I actually start my training?
Hell PSU,

CIME is approximately 34 weeks ... CFII will be around another 8 weeks... im actually doing the CIME CFII program aswell starting August 4th. It is good to enroll about 3 months before you want to start training, you will be accepted or rejected within the next week or two. After that there is no due date to send in your Enrollement agreement. Thats about it ...
Dont know, but I do know of at least one person, maybe two (not sure about the second) that got "rejected after the fact" (booted out)...
I came to Flight Safety with my private to do the same thing you are doing. I started the begining of June 2002, and I will be done in a couple of weeks. Some people go faster, some slower. It depends how hard you want to work at it.

Right now, the student count is kind of low, I'm sure you could start any time you want to. Ground school classes start once a month.
The only way to get "rejected" initially is to have some sort of criminal record, can't get a first class medical, fail the drug test, or not be able to speak english. Some people are, washed out so to speak, later on because they can't pass ground school/checkrides or simply can't learn to fly.

The school is carefull about doing this, for safety reasons and not wanting someone to spend large quanities of money on the program if its not going to work for them.

As far as advance notice, I bet if you showed up tommorrow with your private you would be flying within a few days.