Lazy eye a big deal?


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I had an interesting encounter with the AME who issued my first class medical. I used to work in a hospital so we know each other, and today we were waiting in line together at the grocery last night. He was wishing me well at flight school and talking flying, but mentioned that I almost didn't pass the vision test, due to the "lazy eye" test. Looking this up on the internet, seems my right eye is dominant over my left. Choosing a middle number is best, a high or low number (further away from the middle) denotes lazy eye.

How big of a deal is this? Is it something I will eventually need a SODA or waiver for? The test is easy to fake (pick a middle number....) but is causing me some concern.
Amblyopia. I've got the same thing to a slight degree.
What kind of problems have you encountered getting a medical? Is it something I should worry about?
one of the nice things about Amblyopia is you can work out your eyes so to speak. and reduce the problem. My brother had it real bad when he was a kid. and one of the tasks was on a white wall with white chalk dray a 3 ft circle. while sitting in a chair he would follow the line. after a while it improved.

As for lazy eye. that is better than me.. I have lazy body... yawn more coffee!!