LASIK eye surgery and JAA medicals


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I had LASIK about 5 years ago. I'm going on my second furlough now and, due to the poor job prospects here in the states, I'm pursuing employment overseas.

My problem is that most of these countries require a JAA medical which I cannot pass due to my LASIK. One of my prospective employers stated: "Another variant - you have to do JAR medicine in USA. If it will be, we could validate you without problem". Do you have any idea what he's talking about? I'm desperate to do anything I can to resolve this issue.

Thanks VERY MUCH for your help!



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My suggestion would be to avoid the UK CAA altogether go to Holland and get a medical there standards are very similar to FAA Class 1 standards. As soon as you hold a Class 1 held by a JAR state then the CAA will issue one on the back of the other state they have to. The CAA are known to be rather over protective of there stupid little standards.

Contact these people at Schipol thats where I'll be going. My Buddy got a Class 1 and he suffers from a lack of Depth Perception :confused:

Aeromedical Expert Centre
Fokkerweg 300
1438 AN Schiphol-Oude Meer

Tel: +31203043290

Dr. John van den Heuvel:

Tel: +31(0)6 55816 993