LASIK and medical restriction


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If one currently has a restriction to wear corrective lenses for distant vision, and one subsequently undergoes LASIK, successfully, does one then have an unrestricted medical?


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Welllll....that's the short answer. The long answer is you have to go through postoperative evaluation and your vision must have stabilized. Then you can submit to have the restriction removed. And it is my understanding that your medical is invalid during this process following the surgery. Maybe the good Doc can verify/dispute this.

Sorry for the necropost.

My Flight Surgeon

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As with any surgery, your medical is not valid until you have recovered and the surgeon releases you. The requirements are that the vision is stable and any good ophthalmologist will not release you from care and complete the 8500-7 unless that is so. At that time you can go back to flying - you do not need to wait for FAA clearance. You can submit the 8500-7 to OKC to remove the restriction or simply get another flight physical and the AME will issue the certificate without restriction (faster way).


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Going into a similar situation. Will I need an 8500-7 to get a new medical, or can I just go to an AME as soon as my vision is up to standards?


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I am thinking of having lasik done in January. Wondering how long does it normal take for the eye to stablize? Like to tell my boss how long I might be down.