How do you teach a new student to land?

For starters tell the student to look at the far end of the runway. Shoot for an airspeed for each leg of the approach. Airspeed is the only instrument to be focused on for this is why we practice stalls. We don't want to stall this low to the ground but want to stall just inches before we touch down.

What, are you kidding?

Should I sell you back these videos? :D
This pretty much sums it up:

Keep the nose pointed down....airspeed..... airspeed......start walking the power out..... roundout... rudder.... flare... flare.... FLARE!!!!
Gee, none of my students ever showed interest in landing.

You have some time as a CFI, depending on how quickly your student learns, to figure out how he/she learns prior to he/she needing to know how to land.

So, during this time, you need to be figuring out what TYPE of learner your student is. What kind of suggestions to they respond to? Will they "get it" if you show 'em once and then let them practice 10 times? Or is it better to take them each step of the way, telling them exactly where you look, your timing on when to make the required control inputs, etc. Some folks will do the right thing if you tell them, some folks do the right thing if you show them, other if you show & tell...or perhaps show THEN tell...or perhaps show, show then tell and show...get my drift?

My take on this is that you, as the world's greatest/safest pilot and Master-Gold Seal CFI who knows all about flying and the ways of the 172(this is how they see you), need to accumulate a bag-o-tricks and use the appropriate ones when needed.

I'm sure plenty will chime in with their tricks. Ask other CFIs for their tricks when you reach an impass with something and cannot quite figure out how this person is going to get it. Presumably, you know how to land, so simply impart that knowledge on your student using what you know and mathods you've been taught. You'll develop your own style in time as you gain experience (i.e., get bounced down the runway a few times, nearly off the runway another couple, too high/too low others...) and figure out what works and for whom.

Bottom line: never, ever, let a student put you in a situation you can't get out of!

I start in the air. . . Power off stalls is Landings 101! Decend 100' (already set up in a landing config) get to the "runway" and bring the cowling up to the horizon . . . note where you are looking (all the way straight forward) This is your landing config. Hold it off, not that you have to keep adding back pressure just to keep the cowling in the same spot. Then it stalls (this is where the wheels touch down)
Do this over and over and over again so that the power is the same that you teach in the pattern) then go do a power off stall in the pattern. That is called a landing!