Landing Video question


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I know you guys have probably seen this before, but can sombody tell me what is going on in this landing? Is it just heavy x-winds?

I'd probably piss my pants if I was that F/O
What, you don't consider that a stabilized approach? Heck, it's better than most of the videos I've seen of landings in that part of the world--they didn't even scrape an engine or wingtip!
What you're seeing is the final approach section of the old IGS approach into the old Hong Kong Kai Tak airport. The IGS system essentially guides one towards a checkerboard on the side of a mountain, by the MM one needs to be visual to execute a 40 degree right turn.

Hong Kong Kai Tak IGS 13 Approach

I'm sure I have read somewhere that the 747 was designed to be landed in a crab and take the sideload on the gear. This is preferred to landing wing low, to avoid scraping an outboard engine. Anyone know if that is correct or not?
The 737 can be landed in a crab as well. It's got castering main landing gear.
Gotta love the old Hong Kong approach..imagine what the passengers are thinking and I am sure its not "oh this is a pleasent smooth landing"
more like HOLY $%$*#$ #$*$ $%& #*%$*% %**(( %&#$$%. those probably dont represent real words.

Hey Doug, how does the gear straighten its self again after landing.


When did they retire that approach?

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I believe it was 1999 or '98 when they closed the airport. Anyhoo, very interesting video...Hate to be the passengers on that plane....imagine what the yaw does to the 450 pax on board
if you go to and look under Kai Tak you can see photo's of 747's running their engines into the ground, and engine fires starting do to it. Thankfully the airport is now closed.