KSMO flight schools & FAA PPL after JAA ultralight questions


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A friend from Romania, who is also a pilot, is planning on coming over and staying here for a while. He has his own plane, a Savannah STOL, and has received instruction on Diamond Katana and Aerostar Festival. TT >300h. Now, these planes are categorized here as LSA, but in JAA land they would be called ultralights (and VLA for the Katana).

1. His certificate (they may call it license there) is for ultralights (which I understand to mean LSA here). I went quickly through the FARs and all I can see he needs to do his PPL is what is specified in 61.109 (aka, night flying, basic instrument, and/or 3h in preparation of the exam). I assume he has all the rest taken care of on the LSA planes I mentioned. Am I missing anything? Any of you know students who have gone through this? Did they do anything special to get their hours recognized? I assume he could get a sport certificate just by going to the FSDO, but I don't think that would help him much in getting the PPL.

2. He'll be staying in Santa Monica, Venice Beach area. I have no experience with the schools there, who would you recommend? (maybe someone who has done this type of transition before).

Thanks for taking the time to read all this :)


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Because unless you get lucky and talk to the right person (and you have to get very lucky), they all sit there and scratch their heads.
Get a girl with a sexy voice to make the call for ya. You'll be surprised how willing to help they'll be:)