Kit planes


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Anyone have any experiences to share about building their own planes?

I've been thinking that (someday) this might be a fun project.


Just the other day I got a piece of paper, folded it up, and it flew quite nicely! That is about the only plane I have built.
I can't even make paper airplanes right; I'd never trust my own life in an airplane I built. Heck, I had problems trying to get an IDE drive boot as drive 1 instead of drive 0 because my BIOS treats IDE differently than SCSI. Heck, if I can't do that right on the first try how in the world could I build something that I put my own life into.


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I've always thought those "Cozy" (sic?) canard planes are kinda neat. I haven't built one though. I'd love to own/build an ultralight.

I might try to build an L1011 kit someday...
I have several friends that are in the building process. I know a couple of "retired" guys that smash rivets on a full time basis. They have built a couple of RV 6's and are now working on an RV 9A. There are about 2600 different variants flying out of the Van's line. One other guy I know is building an F1 Rocket. It is based off the RV 8, cruises at 250 KIAS and can climb like a proberbial bat out of H E doulble hocky sticks. It is a lot of fun and costs a whole lot less than buying a brand new plane. I hope to build a 9A starting next year.
I might try to build an L1011 kit someday...

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Hope your garage is big enough!

Would probably be easier to sneak into one of those aircraft storage locations in the desert, hook one up to the back of a truck and tow it home.
I saw a Ford tow a plane behind it in a Ford commercial so it *must* be possible. I believe everything I see on TV.
You do know that that Ford commercial could happen in real life...... One morning at AA we were in desperate need of another push tractor, but none could be found. So we just hooked up this old, reallll old, Ford pickup to the RJ and towed it about a half mile. It was one of the funniest things Ive seen there. I wish I would have had a camera.

Anyway, back to the topic. I owned the fusalage of a Bowers Flybaby for about a year. The owner was going to get rid of it, so I saved it from the scrap yard. I eventually sold it for a pretty decent profit.

Another plane that I REALLY want to build someday is a Pietenpol Aircamper. Its a little wooden parasol. Powered by a Corvair engine.
I am friends of a friend with the guy to design and make the first Pietenpol. I believe the guy is more into radio control planes now, and has an immaculate 1/3rd scale J-3!