Kidney stone question


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I researched the previous posts on these, but I have a question. I went to the e.r two days ago with a stone and have since "passed" it i guess, I havent been in pain since being released but havent noticed it coming out either! Anyways, I'm wondering do I need to call someone and report this or wait until my medical expires(in two years)? I had one other stone about 2 years ago but didnt think about putting it on my initial application. I dont want to lie the faa, but I also dont want to be disqualified from flying the rest of my life! Thanks in advance..
This qualifies for multiple episodes of kidney stones. This requires a Special Issuance. Under 14 CFR §61.53 you are required to self-ground until the SI is granted. Talk to your AME.
Thanks for the quick reply! What are ones options if there happen to be more stones on the xray? Removing them,waiting, or just be grounded indefinately?
It depends where they are. If they are in the kidney, probably not an issue. If they are in the ureter then removal is the option.
How do you prevent Kidney stones? My dad had them a couple years ago, he's in his late 40's.. I've heard it has to do with high calcium consumption, is this correct? I hope it's not hereditary.
I myself ran into this situation. I was told by my AME that I only had to prove (after I disclosed having gotten a kidney stone since the last medical)
that I currently had none in my bladder, kindey or tube between the two.

I had to go get a sonogram that was then faxed to my AME.

He told me that once I disclose that I had a kidney stone and prove that I currently do not have one at the time of medical being issued, then I never have to get tested again as long as I have no future episodes of passing a stone.

And yes, kidney stones are genetic. Old wives tales of diet and too much calcium are just that. It has to do with how your body handles certain materials and filters them. My urologist prescribed drinking 8 ounces of real lemonade everyday :) The citric acid keeps those bad things from forming kidney stones. ;) Has worked like a charm so far :)