KHEF and the ADIZ


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First off, anyone on this forum from the dc area?specifically KHEF-Manassas? Now on another note, remember the guy up by Baltimore who ran out of fuel because ATC couldnt find his ADIZ flight plan? Well, I think ATC mustve taken some heat because the other night the controller couldnt find my flight plan because I was returning from a different sector than where I had filed. He said there was nothing in the computer, then 2 secs later he gave me a code to squawk. then proceeded to lecture me about how we need to work together and how he had to issue me a different code(then the one he eventually found well after the ffact). Kinda nice to see that at least they are making efforts to fix the problem, rather than place blame. The ADIZ is in my mind a necessary evil, and I try to play by the rules, but for a guy to run out of fuel because something got screwed up in the computer(like my plan did,).Anyone else encounter this while flying in the dc area?
not from the dc area but i've flown into KHEF a few times on cross-country flights. that place is a dirt hole. i've always flown in IFR so i never had a problem. i've had them screw my clearance up while i was picking it up on the ground a few times though. do they have that taxi-way fixed yet? it was torn up the few times i was there. it was fun burning up a .4 or .5 on the hobbs waiting to back taxi.
I can't give you specifics about HEF, but I can tell you that the ADIZ can be a pain in the butt. The hardest part is getting through on the phone to Leesburg and then to Potomac. On a nice VFR weekend day, you can wait about 20 minutes to get this done.

That's the problem. And the thing that continues to irritate me is that it does absolutely nothing to enhance security. You can tool around all over the ADIZ as long as you have that clearance. Then on top of that, all you have to do is call and they'll give you the squawk code, no matter who you are!
HEF is worse than ever right now. teh taxiway at the south end has been closed for about 5 months now while they rebuild it. the larger of teh two runways is also closed now, leaving only the 3000 foot on the opposite side of the field from me available. If you think getting through to leesburg on a sunny vfr day is bad, try getting clearance to taxi from the ramp. A couple weekends ago there was a 45 minute wait to taxi to the runway. then another 30 minutes to takeoff. i love burning hobbs on the ground, especially over an hours worth. As far as the adiz goes, you are right in that you can wander all over with it, but you are in direction of atc, and if you decide that "direct Manassas" or "direct Leesburg" isnt what you feel like doing the the customs blackhawks will have something to say about that. the whole point is to make aware who they have in that airspace. Definitely a pain in the butt, but oh well. Ite even better when you get the controller in my sector who is in a really crap mood.
Not specifically from HEF, but just a few miles north at JYO. I've flown into HEF a few times this past month and ditto on the delays
. One thing I do enjoy about HEF though... is when obtaining your taxi clearance, ground is able to give you your ADIZ info (squawk and dep freq) right away so there's no need to call up Potomac Clearance Delivery

I've been pretty lucky so far flying in, out, and within the ADIZ. Although, a couple of weekends ago I found myself drilling holes over FDK for .7 waiting for my squawk code to enter the ADIZ since I arrived an hour earlier than my proposed... oh well. All in all the ADIZ isn't too much of a hassle as long as you follow the rules and chatter well. I agree however, I'm not sure how much security the ADIZ really provides the DC region.
The thing to remember about HEF is that even though it's a lowly class D airport in the hinterlands, it's still the second busiest airport in Virginia. I've been based there for years and love it. Sure, the construction has been a pain, and the airspace is the most complex around, yet the controllers are competent and helpful, and from just about the surface ATC can see you. Drop a line if you fly into HEF, it's a pretty col place to be.
Are you sure about HEF being the second most busy airport in Virginia? I can think of two that are a lot busier right near it -- IAD and DCA.

However, I may be starting to fly out of there soon. It's between HEF and GAI. I won't be flying out of the DC3 anymore!
IAD and DCA are washington based, arent they? i know I got into a car accident on Dulles property and geico was coming up wiht a washington dc address for DULLES. But whos counting anyways. I would venture to say that HEF isnt the 2nd busiest, but its certainly in the top 5 IMO. for example we get jets in and out hourly on a daily basis. Bruce Willis's G5 was parked outside. all of the girls in the FBO were gawking. anyways, learning to fly at HEF was the best thing I couldve done. great line people and good immersion into that airspace. plus dulles is only 20 miles to the north. Ive seen some cool a 777 on the ils to runway 12 passing underneath me(at 4000) . that was pretty badass. once this construction is done on the longer runway hef will be really nice place to fly. lostcomm, what side are you on? east or west? I am on east side.
DCA is in the District of Columbia. IAD is #1 in Virginia. I'm on the East side, too. Sure will be great when they get the long runway back into operation!
yeah, cant wait for 16l back in service. But what i was saying is that IAD is "technically" a DC address. I got into car wreck on the property and the address/location of the incident was considered washington dc by geico. Kind of weird, huh? Anyways, how did the plane you fly fare in the storm? I am praying that my aircraft(rentals) arent twisted pieces of metal.