Key questions you asked when getting onboard with your first CFI job?


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What are some key questions you asked when you got onboard with your CFI job? I am about to take my first job, and have a meeting next week with the gentleman, and want to have a list of questions ready. So far, vacation time, sick leave, health insurance?


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If they're gonna give you vacation time, sick leave, and health insurance....shut up, smile, and nod!!!

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I applied to Riddle-PRC when I just graduated out of their program and jobs were scarce. I didn't get hired because "my CFI skills weren't up to Riddle standards"

....Even though I'd just graduated out of their CFI/I program not less than three weeks earlier.


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haha, same thing happened to me with FlightSafety. Oh was probably for the better. I'll have well over 1000 hrs. by the time they have their next stand. class I bet.


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Concur with the martian.....If you want the job and it looks like a good opportunity (flying wise) DONT ask about sick leave, vacations, health insurance (all of which I think are pretty rare perks to be found) unless you think they'll be receptive and not interpret it as you making a demand.

Of course if you're sick you're not going to fly- the FARs and common sense back you up on that. Health insurance- I think you're dreaming a bit.


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Benifits are not unheard of. I have full health coverage(completly company paid), paid vacations, paid sick/personal days off, time and a half on holidays, ect. at my CFI job. I think you will find this fairly rare at FBO's but at larger schools it pretty common.


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Those are terrible place to be working at.

If you were smart you would quit immediately!

Forward the names of the companies to me and I will have a word with the chief pilots.