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ok The music discussion made me think of this.

Who in here actually sings if they find themselves in a karaoke bar? Who actually goes to a karaoke bar on purpose?

I admit. I do maybe 2 times a month. I used to a lot more but my recovery time from a night out keeps getting longer and longer.
Not a chance in Hell..... after the first and last time.

I actually grew up singing. Sang all the way through high school - was in Concert Chorus and an auditioned "Pop ensemble"... then came college - sang in a 45 voice A Capella Choir and another ensemble... also was in three musicals (Camelot, Carosel and South Pacific) with singing rolls in two of the three.... and I cannot STAND the sound of my own voice amplified.....

....so...umm.... no!
Lol... I'm not a terrible singer but... in a drunken' stooper I was persuaded by friends to bust out some song for whatever unknown reason with another kid in our group when we were out one night...

there was only one set of stairs up to the balcony where the machine was.. and halfway thru the song I ducked out and hid out upstairs after the bottle's started flying and fingers were pointing !!! I'm not a singer by any means but this kid turned out to be terrible... !!!!

I'm a martial arts instructor and even I feared for my life that night !!!!!

OUCH! That must be bad. I get a kick out of it. Especially when I get drunk and bust out the Marvin Gaye. Oh yeah baby, lets get it on. (I guess its funnier if you ever hear my accent when I am drinking)
My good friend Shane and I had about 6 too many and actually found ourselves singing "Goodbye Earl" one night...The ladies must have been proud!!!
I sing in the shower... does that count?

[/ QUOTE ]

Is anyone listinin to you??

[/ QUOTE ]

I hope not.
Deja Vu all over again...

Silverhawk sounds like I have a very similar story except it was a buddy of mine who had to run. He performed "Baby Got Back" in a very rowdy country dive. As you can imagine it made for a very hostile crowd
I have done Karaoke many a times. Every time was very drunk except this one time when my friend was tending bar, it was a dive, and only a few of us were in there so we practiced our stuff.

It can be really fun especially if you get the right crowd and place. Summer nights around here can be real fun cause some bars will get packed with people and all. I like doing country songs the best mostly Hank Jr.

Shooter where do you go? You stick to West Ashley or what?
I sing Baby's got back any time I am in a redneck place. Once while trashed, I started yelling "all the rednecks in the house say whoa ooo!" They went with me it was so funny!
Hey whats happening! We normally go to Bobby Hartin's on Thursday nights when we go. Sometimes Cisco's on Fridays but it is too crowded. Its been a while but we used to go to the Cranky Yankee in Summerville alot. How about you?
Before it became "Bucky's Casino" in Prescott, we'd go to the Sheraton on the hill in Prescott and sing karaoke for free drinks and free happy hour food.

Copaman would kick butt. Him and I did a rendition of "Ebony and Ivory" one night that brought the house down and he'd sing "Copacabana" and do this dance. Holy crap, it drove those 40-something ladies crazy!

"Ooh! Give that blonde-headed kid the microphone again and let me buy him a drink! Wooo!"
In the summer we where going to Skippers on James Island. I have sang at teh Silver Dollar downtown and a few other places. I want to go to Bobby Hartins though just cause I listen to his show on my afternoon drive.

We used to go to Ciscos for the Bluegrass on Thurs. nights. It was pretty good but the food there is HORRIBLE. I hate it. It always looked so good so I would order something but it would always suck!
When I was working at Universal, there was a LOT of us that went every Tues night. Like the ENTIRE ride went to this one bar on International Drive. We got to be good friends with the chic that DJ'd it, and she started letting us bring our own CDs. BTW, the Music Mixer thing for the Xbox does NOT play karaoke CDs like the package says. It only plays a karaoke file of Microsuck design.

I know, I'm sad.
I love Bobby's. My favorite place in town. I;ve been to skippers a few times. It gets real crowded there and it is a younger crowd. I guess more your age. Some hot girls though!!! I will never eat at Cisco's. The food is terrible.
Nice.. Baby got Back always gets a rise .. I'd definately pull that in a country bar !! But for free drinks.. man I'd sing all night !!!!

My roommate used to get free drinks from doing some country song, but I can't remember what it was. Some guy bet me a whole round of drinks for me and my friends (there were about 15 of us) that I couldn't pull off "Informer" by Snow. Those of you that know the song, circle breathing is your friend. Pulled it off flawlessly, and it became a request on a weekly basis.