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Is Kansas State university's flight program worth my time?
Hey, I live in Wichita and from what I hear, YES. I talked to a local FBO here about hiring me and the manager
said that they give first preference to Kanas State graduates because of their outstanding program.
I would definately check it out. I'm not sure what the costs are.
I just toured the campus yesterday, and I was impressed. The aircraft were about 3 yrs old, and the aviation facilities were well maintained. They have some new programs for the fall semester that may be worth looking into. The universitys website address is www.sal.ksu.edu
I'm in their program right now, and I enjoy it. All of our aircraft are up to date (with the exception of the C-150's and Beech Sundowners) and all are well maintained. The campus is fairly small (about 1000 total students, and I think around 200-300 pilots) so we have small class sizes, usually no more than 30 students per class. If you have any specific questions email me or write back here, I'd be glad to help!
To be quite honest, I think it is very reasonably priced. From their current price sheet, you would be there for four years for a lot less then what would be spent at FS or DCA. However, there are no bridge programs, but they do have career fairs. I mailed my app in last monday and I am very excited to be starting this next year.They do have current prices listed at their website www.sal.ksu.edu check it out. It is also good to hear from a current student.
From what I hear about other schools, we are fairly inexpensive. They did just raise the rates, so the prices listed on the website will be slightly inaccurate, but I think they are still reasonable. Also, on that price list some of the misc. items (headset, uniforms, etc.) are probably on the high end. My headset is no $250 headset and works just fine and you do not need 5 uniforms. I wear one everyday and get by just fine with 3. If you have any other questions just ask away!