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Hey guys,
I know there is a lot to consider when making a big decision such as transferring schools in my situation, however I was wondering if you all could give me some honest feedback/opinions, I would greatly appreciate it!

So, currently, I am a junior at Eastern Kentucky University, majoring in aviation. As far as flight training goes, I will have earned my commercial certificate within the next month to month and a half. Academically, I have a solid year left, possibly an extra semester on top of that. My experience here hasn't been great, as I am now working with the 3rd chief flight instructor since I have been here, almost the entire instructor staff has changed, as well as the curriculum to go along with that. That has caused some issues with my experience, and could possibly keep me here longer than I need to be. I have had a hard time with scheduling flights and just getting things done, I took my commercial written in November of 2011, and I am just now finishing the flight training that was advertised to take only about 8 months. I understand weather and maintenance issues, but about 80% of the issues were in administration or my instructor was just too busy. So, I have decided to consider transferring to Kansas State Salina. I have contacted the school and everything transfers credit wise. Tuition won't matter, as I can get in-state tuition after living there for 6 months. Basically, finishing academics and earning my degree and ratings will be about the same time and cost at both schools. My reasoning for wanting to transfer is for getting a job after finishing. At Kansas State, you have the opportunity to instruct as a student when you earn your CFI, which is something that isn't really offered at my school. In addition, they have an agreement with ExpressJet, which allows you to get a foot in the door with them, and an interview after 1000 hours. Whether that agreement is worth transferring or not isn't my main concern, I am more focused on instructing and just having a job after graduation.

Here in Ky, there isn't a whole lot of options. Many people I have known that graduated from Eastern went on to work customer service at Lowe's or wait tables. I'm not saying I wouldn't work those jobs, but I would really like to have an aviation job when I graduate, and I am trying to decide if transferring to Kansas State Salina would be better for me in that area.

Thank you all for your feedback and opinions, I can clarify anything if you need me to!
Hi there...

Sorry I can't be of any help to decide... But if you read my thread a few down, k state was one of the 2 schools I just visited. Very impressive flight program... But I'm Pretty much decided on sosu.
I figure at least if I made the wrong choice, it's the cheaper mistake!

If you don't mind me asking, how do you plan on getting in state tuition after 6 months? I was under the impression you had to live there without going to school to be a resident?
Hey man keep in mind that the problems you're talking about are going to be found at many universities. The problem with having instructors change will be pretty common at any program because once they get the flight time they'll probably bail for greener pastures. If you're willing to put in the work, and make yourself available to train whenever there is time you'll have more success than if you're not available... Make sense?

I've flown into SLN several times, and have talked to some of their students. Some like it, and some don't. You'll find that a common theme in flight schools. SLN seems like it would be a good place to train though. The airspace isn't very crowded and the airport has a friggin huge runway to practice those touch and goes. Salina's a pretty boring town though.

As far as your future employment opportunities? Well, I guarantee you that when you have the time, ExpressJet will be happy to interview you. You do not need an agreement with the airline. Seriously, they cannot, and will not be able to find people to fill classes. And they do hire EKU grads... I have was in class with one just a year ago! Good luck with your decision!
Your place has instructor turnover but doesn't hire grads? Where are the new instructors coming from?
Moving to KS for a chance at regional interview is fools gold.
Be willing to move and instructor jobs are not hard to come by these days neither are regional jobs once you meet mins.
Thank you all for the help!

I actually just found out that i can get in state tuition with a scholarship that i got accepted for.

As far as my current school goes, they typically won't hire students, the chief flight instructor is a huge jerk. He claims that he will hire us if we are a good stick, but he had yet to hire a single student. The instructors are primarily over the age of 50, and don't like to fly for more than 2 lessons a day.

I'm a lot less concerned about the express jet agreement and more about having a job immediately after graduating. The way i see it, i won't have much of a chance of getting am instructing job where I'm at. I'm definitely leaning towards going out there.

Does anyone else have any experience at the school?