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I am just wondering if being the captain of my lacrosse team would make a difference at a job at an FBO or any other job because of the leadership skills involved? I was just wondering.
Yes, anything that demonstrates your abilities and assets is somthing to put on a resmue.

However, putting 'captain of my high school lacross team' on an application for a professional position might make someone do a double take!
Lol, yeah wasn't planning on putting that for anything major but just a small little job to pay for my PPL.
Make a difference in what way? Getting a job offer alone or the position you're hired to fill. I guess it couldn't hurt to list it on a job application or talk about it during an interview if asked.

When I worked at an FBO it wasn't exactly rocket science nor was there any leadership skills required on my part. The manager told me to fill up or tow an airplane and that was about it for leadership skill requirements. Now that I think about it, it was a great job..working outside surrounded by airplanes and pilots all day.
I dunno how much anything you put on your resume is gonna help you at the FBO. In fact, there were really no spots on for "extracurricular activities" or things of that nature on the applications I've filled out. They simply want to know who you've worked for in the past, what your education is, and if you're a convicted felon. Despite the straightforward content on the application form, I went ahead and slipped a copy of my resume in there when I turned it in.

I've applied to all the major FBO's around here and have had no joy so far, despite my "aeronautical experience". The frustrating thing is, I know for a fact that there were line jobs open when I originally applied because 2 or 3 guys had just gotten fired for mishandling airplanes.

Luckily I met the manager at the local branch of a major FBO chain (it starts with an S) and he said he'd sign my application when I re-apply in 7 days (they throw out your application 30 days after you turn it in and you have to fill out another one if you still want to be considered).

Your best bet is just to try and make friends with someone else that works there if you haven't done that already.
Since you're in high school with limited experience, anything you can add should help. BTW, I played middie in HS & college. LAX is an excellent sport. Good to see it's made it out to the west coast.