Just scheduled my first class medical


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I just scheduled my first class medical.
I hope everything will go well..
I am healthy. no reason to be worried

Except my eyes a bit.. but ill have my glasses by my side if he tells me I need them.
Hope for GOOD
Getting a first class every time you get a medical is a good idea because it establishes a history of having first class medicals, and also lets you know of any disqualifying problems right from the start. It's kind of pointless to start out wanting to be an airline pilot and finding out you had a medical problem that enabled you to get a third but not a first class medical.

Plus it acts as a first class for 6 months, a second for 12 and a a third for either 24 or 36, depending on 61.32
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Getting a first class every time you get a medical is a good idea because it establishes a history of having first class medicals,

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Well it is a waste of money. I can understand getting a 1st class when you first start, but there is no need beyond that untill you are flying for a living.

How does having a history of having a 1st class do anything other than show you are willing to piss away your money, as you would be getting SIX medicals when you only need ONE.

Of course if you are the type of person who has no idea of your personal health status, then again a 1st class is great , but why have it every six months do it every month. that way you will have a solid record of 1st class medicals.

The Other thing to keep in mind is. say you go in for one of your 1st class medicals a week before you are going to take your flight test. and FAIL due to a minor issue, you get your current medical pulled, and now you can&amp;#8217;t fly. the next week you get the problem resolved, and now you must wait for. who knows.. for ...ever... until the FAA clears you. you can not simply keep going back until you pass the test.

the BEST plan without exception is go in, get a class three, and fly. Go to a NON FAA Dr. and have a full work up. if there is a problem get it taken care of. and keep the FAA Doc in the dark where they belong.
I wasn't saying getting a first class every 6 mos, I was saying get one for as long as you need it - for example if you only need a second class, get a first every 12 months. It's not more expensive than a third class (here at least) and it lets the doctor see you already have one, so there's no complications in getting another (when you have something like asthma, there are a lot of questions - if you already have a first class medical, then there are many less questions.)
it is still a waste no matter how you look at it, plus you are setting yourself up to be grounded. read my post again. if a Class 1 is more Through, which it should be, you have a greater chance of being pinged.

But if your intention is to have a class1 as a student pilot or a CFI so you can be cool. have at it.

makes no difference to me I was just point out the reasons why it is better and safer. but you may have a better grasp on the FAA medical system than I do. I just don't trust the FAA, under many circumstances. (koff koff R.A. "Bob" Hoover)
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Well, I just want to know if im airline material regarding health.

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I would hope you pretty much know if you have a helth problem. but getting a C1 is fine but it is NOT a replacement for a physical by the family MD.

and as far as needing it for school. that seems odd. If you failed then they won;t let you into the program? makes sense to be sure you can pass it. but there are sooooo Many

as we call them Dr. Quacks as AMEs.. it is not hard.

good example. Last year I needed Glasses on my Medical, this year I don't..

Give me a break I go nowhere without them (my glasses).