Just makes ya proud of MikeD!

Cool video! I don't think I'd want to be on the receiving end of that!
No wonder Mike likes his job he gets to blow things up. He plane rental is paid by someone else not a bad deal
does anybody know what the sound is as it's making the bombing run, almost sounds like an 18 wheeler downshifting- or is it noise from somewhere else?
Looks like a little low-angle strafe.

GAU-8 puts them out pretty well at 70 rounds/second. To give you an idea of the power/accuracy of the gun, if you fired the gun straight and level, when the bullet reached about 5 miles distance, it drops only about 10 feet.
Damn Mike, I've watched that video at least 10 times today.

Kickass bro and get home safe.
I was at the Atlanta Nascar race last year and A-10's did the fly by...its so cool to see them break off and put the wings vertical.....a 90 degree turn...

At Bristol Race in late summer they had F-16's flyby and over the track they gunned and got to see the blue flame shoot out of the back...awesome..

Good luck Mike, kick ass and come home safe
I think when MikeD gets into the F-117, he'll see what an airline pilot does all day!

'Cept we have a coffee machine and someone to chat with.