Just finished allatps 10 hour multi add-on


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Went up to Bowling Green on the friday, had a couple hours ground school on multi-engine aerodynamics and such. Couldn't actually fly because it was pretty cold and then only heaters we could find wouldn't stay lit for long enough to warm the engines. Came back the next day and got a couple hours training in but then lost all braking on the left side and had to stop for the day. At this point I was starting to get a little concerned since I had about 2 hours training and my checkride was in two days. When I got to the airport the next morning ATP had another airplane waiting for me, and we went up and did three flights, each one about 1.5-2 hours long. I was pretty burnt out by the end but felt prepared for the checkride. Passed the checkride the next day with no problems. I was very impressed with the quality of instruction I received...it was pretty intense but effective. The training was laid out very efficiently and the airplanes were in great shape. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a multi add on. It was $1595 and I got 7.4 hours dual and the use of the airplane for the checkride. A little under the 8.5 they promise on the website, but no complaints from me.
The checkride...assuming it's pretty much the same in most places, should have taken about 1.5 or so. So you should have used all your time. If not, ATP will let you fly the leftover time even if it's just a few stop and gos on some runways for training.
The checkride was 1.2 so I finished with 8.6 hours. I'm not going to jump up and down about an hour of flying...I was happy just to get the rating!
I'd go ahead and get them to give you the rest. Every hour is a precious one...especially when it is multi time!
If you have any desire to fly for a profession...every hour counts! If you're doing it for fun...no big deal. If it were me though, I'd want all 10 hrs that I paid for. Just my $.02
The program you completed was for UP TO 8.5 hours of training, plus the use of the plane for the checkride.

Since you only needed 7.4 hours to get ready for the checkride that's all you received.

thanks for clarifying everything. I would hate to give someone wrong info. It sounds like he got all his time in then...for a while it sounded as if there was some time missing. Oh well, alls well that ends well...successful checkride!