Just checked out Sacramento ATP office


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Hello all,

I stopped by the ATP SAC office a couple days ago to check out the operation. I was ready to sign up for the career pilot program starting this month, but after looking at all the great info here and talking to people in the business I did a reality check and decided that route was not best for me at this time. For now, I am going to get my instrument rating in an accelerated program using my father-in-law's 182 and then do the SEL commercial locally.

The ATP operation in SAC looks nice and I got to talk to a current student who was just finishing with the CFI portion of the Career Pilot Program. He was really happy with the program and he asked me why I got cold feet about attending ATP. I gave him the wife, kids, mortgage story then he handed me a picture of his family, so he is in basically the same stage of life as me but clearly has more intestinal fortitude than I do!

I still may use ATP after the commercial to get the Multi and CFI ratings. Thanks for the forum Doug, and thanks everyone for the great input.

By the way, it looks like ATP just added a new option to their career program where you can spread the training over ten months, going mostly on week-ends. Their website has the details.