Jump onto an entry level or stay where i am


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Currently I am working at a nursing agency. My job history is all in nursing. I will be graduating from OSU in spring 2006. I found an entry level position opening soon at a corporate aviation company near my house. Coincidentally, it is the company i would like to fly for. Right now i have the perfect schedule to be a student. I work Saturday and Sunday 16 hours a day which leaves me M-F to be a student. I can also do my homework at work. I am wondering if taking the entry level position would be worthwhile or if I should just wait til i can do my internship thorough them?
I would be a fleet assistant. the job description is as follows:

Our Fleet Assistants are entry-level positions that are responsible for assisting in the coordination of third party services, order verifying, and ensure crew meals are delivered as well as general administrative functions. Being a Fleet Assistant is a great opportunity for a person that enjoys a fast-paced environment and wants to gain exposure in the aviation industry. We are seeking a friendly, enthusiastic individual who is a team player. The ideal candidate would be pursuing a four-year degree (preferably in aviation) in his/her spare time.

I am interested in the position but i am 26. By the time I graduate i will be 29 or 30. I get the impression they want somone who is only going to school part time. Am I wrong? If I only go part time i won't graduate til I am 33 or 34. I would love to take the job. I am concerned about time constraints. I am happy to work harder for the experience but i don't know if i can be a full time student and work there. On the plus side the company offers flight training for their employees at their own flight school. Any suggestions would be much appreciatated.
I get the impression they want somone who is only going to school part time. Am I wrong?

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Not necessarily. If the job is only on the weekends for 32 hours - then the weekdays ARE your spare time as far as I interpreted the ad.

I wouldn't take the position and jeapardize your time table for finishing your degree though.

Make that your first priority (sounds like you have, so I'm preaching to the choir

BUT - if it's like you said in your initial post - go for it. Sounds like a good gig if you don't mind the duties.

I'd jump on the job. no two ways about it. period. you can work around you sked at school if you need too.
The sat and sunday 32 hours are at the nursing agency just to clarify.

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Ah - gotcha.

Definitely take a look into it. Keep us posted!!

Best of luck!!
I would say go for it. Be up front and honest at the interview, and tell them you are very deticated to completing your degree since it is one of your top priorities, however you are also VERY interested in working for their company and are willing to make some sacrifices to help them. But make sure they know that school will often come first, because it's important to get that degree.
Thankyou all for your advice. Now to call all 30 or so possible places in town to find a job.
Umm, to me it does not sound like an entry level job but more of an admin assistant - it would be good exposure however I think the description is not entirely accurate.
I found a job I am gonna apply for tomorrow at Lane Aviation as a part time flight marshall. One other place in town is accepting apps. Out of 50+ places the odds aren't so good but I am gonna cross my fingers.