Jobs held while training???


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I am getting out of the military and I am just curious what types of jobs people worked while they were working on thier flight training. I want to start my commercial this fall and I will probably work a part time job, its going to be tough, but I want to get my license as quickly as possible. Plus I will be taking night classes in college. Im just curious if anyone has any advice or good storys.
Ex-military myself. I am working Line Service at my local airport full time (Zanesville Municiple, OH - KZZV). The shift pattern gives me time to fly (currently working on the IR) and I get a break on the rental cost of the plane.
Lifeguard, swim coach, swim teacher (company and priavte), coffee server, pilot - store - helper - guy.

This is probably ZIP help... well if you are taking night classes find a day job
; also if you are just out of the military can't you get benifits of some kind?
I used to be a substitute teacher for an elementary school. And I think I got more respect when a class on an airport field trip saw me taxing an archer then I ever got being a substitute teacher!
Stock Broker. Granted, the last two years have been pretty ugly in the market but I'm on the West coast working East coast hours. I have most afternoons free for training. Just about finished with the instrument rating.
I am military also and i been doing my training on the weekends. Just finished my CMEL a few weeks ago. I am getting out in August.

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Retired Navy. Working as an Unexploded Ordnance Specialist Supervisor. I work four tens and fly Friday through Sunday.
flight test engineer.....get paid to fly jumpseat in a 747-400 and now work on F-18 super hornets. I guess it could be worse!!!
4th grade teacher and playing some gigs in a band 3-4 times a month.

As far as what mavmb1 said, being a substitute teacher would be a good gig if you have a degree and the patience. You can sub whenever you'd like to help pay the bills. This works out pretty well with WX and some school systems pay up to 100 bucks a day if you have a degree.
Full-time graphic designer in the marketing department of an engineering firm; part time horse trainer/riding instructor (have two horses in full-time training and two students who take weekly lessons), freelance designer, and painter.

There aren't enough hours in the day, but it pays for the flying.

Police Sergeant. Four tens, with weekends off works very well for the training aspect. Plus should work well for the part time teaching gig when that kicks in. Hopefully by summer.
Former military....busted my butt so that I wouldn't have to work while in college and training. I've been pretty succesful at that. And then this summer happened. The "responsible" person in me decided that I should get a job since I'm resting this summer, so that I could "gain some real-worl work experience...." So, I'm slaving away in the middle of the freaking night, as a pre-loader at UPS...can you say that it's jobs like this that meake people loose all work ethic, and become bums??

Really, I hope that the UPS flight training dept. have an actualy training department, or that they actually give a cent about the welfare of their employees!!!! I had the following dialog with my supervisor Hello, I've been there forever!!

Sup : "So, where do you live?"

Me : "Madison"

Sup : "Got another job?"

Me : "No"

Sup : "Oh. How does your wife feel about that?"

Me : I'm not married"

Sup : "Oh, I thought you looked old enough to be married. Did you go to college?"

Me : "Yep...."

Sup : "Where at??"

And we went on and on!!! Idiots!! You know, I had to spend 45 minutes at my orientation filling out an "All About Me" profile JUST for my managers and supervisors, so that they could learn about me, any jobs, work experience, education, goals, plans, families, and interests. Why did I waste my time???

Adam, if you can find a job related to what you did in the military, take it!! The style of management and leadership that we've become used to does not exist out here. In the civilian community (in most cases, not all), managers have seniority, but no real training in management!! Otherwise, be prepare to be disappointed!!!