Jittery jumpseater?


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DALLAS: Airline passenger questioned, released

A Southwest Airlines passenger flying without a ticket and acting strangely
prompted federal authorities to question the man before releasing him Tuesday
afternoon at Dallas Love Field. The man, who federal officials said was a
SkyWest Airlines pilot seated in a chair designated for flight attendants, did
not produce proper credentials when asked. The man also began shaking while
aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 28 from Houston to Dallas, apparently because
of pressure in his ears, a Southwest spokeswoman said. Fifty-six passengers
were aboard the flight, which landed safely at 2:07 p.m. A federal air marshal
on board observed the man during the 45-minute flight, authorities said.
Transportation Security Administration officials and Dallas police met the
plane at the gate, questioned the passenger and released him, an agency
spokesman said. No flights at Love Field were delayed, and the plane proceeded
to El Paso, its scheduled destination.
Don't ask don't tell!
What I want to know is why the HELL he was in the jumpseat with that few people on board? Normally the flight attendants don't even want you in the last row so they can sit in the back and read when nothing else is going on.