Jetcareers Users in PHX

I suppose that will work its way up here to Iowa on my checkride day.

I just looked at the radar on and it doesnt look like you have much more coming. I didnt see the map in motion though so I dont know which way the clouds are moving.

Yeah what a ride! It's been quite a while since we've been hit this hard! I watched a few lightening strikes come down pretty close to my house. I love when that boom comes through and rattles the windows and sets off car alarms all through the neighborhood!
I thought my windows were going to break from the winds up here by McDowell Mountain!

It's calmed down quite a bit but it looks like there is still a lot of lightning strikes down around Mesa.
Yeah we had some horizontal rain down here in Ahwatukee for a little while,
I was half tempted to go outside and stand in it to convince myself it was real! At least this time it actually rained enough to wash away some of the dirt on my car instead of just covering it with a layer mud/dust. God it pisses me off when that happens, and of course it's always right after you've washed it!
Yeah, that was a wild one...closed down the airports for a while 'till it blew over. I had to dodge some uprooted trees on the way back from class tonight too. Of course I missed the actual rainfall being inside, go figure, it's like an urban myth around of those things you only hear about but rarely see!~
You guys get some strange storms out there in AZ. I was in Prescott 2 weeks ago, and every night at like 6 the sky would turn all dark, and It would look like the world was coming to an end. We would get a crapload of lightning, but much to my surprise, it never rained. Weird!
Yeah Mesa got hit pretty good last night. Lotta wind, lotta rain.

That's the thing about flying out here - 99.9% of the time the WX is non-existant but man when the .1% shows up it's a doozy.