jetBlue noise


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Hey! I flew on jetBlue for the first time last week and it was also my first time on an A320. While we were at the gate, just before pushback, there was a real high pitched squeal that rang through the cabin for about 8-10 seconds. What was this noise? Is this noise unique to jetBlue or A320s in general? Because I don't remember hearing this on any other type of aircraft. Haha, maybe its on all aircraft and I just haven't noticed it. Thanks! <font color="blue"> </font>


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If it is the noise i think you are describing, it was the baggage door. We have the same plane basically here at Frontier and that really caught my attention the firs time also.


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If it was an annoying high pitched squeally sound, then i will have to agree with bluelake, for i am certain it was a flight attendant complaining and nagging the maintenance crew just prior to departure time