Jeppesen Trouble


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Here's a good reason to buy the Airway Express.

I've been having a lot of trouble with my charts lately. I normally put the charts I'll be using for a particular month in a separate binder to make them easier to handle. Last week in BGM, we got deiced and somehow deice fluid leaked in my window and soaked my charts. It took them three days to dry and when they did they were so wrinkled that I could barely close my smaller binder.

So I went by Tech Pubs and replaced the ruined charts, then this morning, the first day of my new trip, it was raining cats and dogs. I put my binder in the cubby next to my seat just like normal. A few minutes later, I realized that there is an inch of water in the cubby soaking my new charts. I didn't realize it, but it was the same plane from last week!

So I spent the afternoon of our first overnight ironing my Jepps to dry them out. It works pretty well, but I'm back to the point of having them so wrinkled that the binder will barely close and they are difficult to take out and put in.

So I guess I'll make yet another trip to Tech Pubs when this is over. See I had the Airway Manual Xpress, I could just look forward to replacing everything with the next revision.
That SUCKS!!! When you get the updates they send you only the new charts right? That might be best for me because I like to decorate my charts with highligher and arrows that say things like 'this way' and 'land here'.
The traditional revisions only send you the charts that have changed. The Airway Manual Express sends you new charts for everything. You take out everything and put the new ones in.


It occurred to me that I should have let the FA iron my charts, considering how that's a woman's work and all.
Deicing in BGM in April? Ha That takes me back! My last year in Ice Station Bingo it snowed (accumulation and everything) on the 27th of April.

The company issues the charts and picks up the tab. We actually an special ACA issue so we only get our destination cities and approved alternates.


After flying to BGM throughout the winter, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it doesn't snow there year round. This was only freezing rain.