Jeppesen Log Books - Protecting them


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I have a Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook. Does anyone recommend a way to protect it? Mine is starting to get battered up, and would like some way to protect it. Wonder if bodyglove or jepp make a cover for it.
I bought a padded logbook cover when I bought my Jepp logbook. I think I got it from and it's a Noral. Pretty good product.

Good luck

Easiest way to protect it is that it should almost never leave your home. You need it for checkrides and interviews, that's about it. Other than that, it should be home (preferably in a fireproof safe) at all times. Hard for any damage to come to it that way.

I know several friends who keep their logbooks in bank safe deposit boxes.

Maybe it's "not" wise to keep logbook at airport all the time. And with no "renters" insurance at my apartment, safety deposit box might be the "wise" choice!
I got a padded cover, keep it at home, and bought a .45 just in case. I think it's well protected.
I keep my logbook at the airport, but I make copies of all the pages and keep them in a safe at home. That way, if one place burns down, I will always have a copy.