Jepp Sim charts


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Hi all, im wanting to get some of the jepp sim charts for my flight sim from the website and it wants me to register giving them my billing adress, is registration free? Because i really dont want to pay for sim charts.
Registration at the Jeppesen site is free. The chart packs they have for flight simulator enthusiasts cost money. No idea how much...

If you are training to be a pilot. Either go cheap for now and get some NACO charts or buy a single set of real Jepp charts for your area (Airway Manual Express).
My advice to anyone who is wanting charts for simming is DONT PAY FOR THEM. Call you local airport or FBO and ask if you can have the sets that expire. Once they expire, they will just cut the top label off of them and toss 'em in the garbage. Of course these are NOS charts, but they would be brand new, although expired and completely usable for your purposes.
Thanks guys and im definatley not paying for sim charts, i get them every month or so for florida, but id like to have them for the rest of US, I dont mind NOS, but all my school uses if jepp, so id rather them for the practice.
Jepp's SimCharts is pretty cool, actually. Not only does it give you an entire region of plates (on CD, plus paper enroute charts; 3 regions cover the continental U.S.) for only $28, it also integrates with FS2004, allowing you to practice an approach in the sim then see how accurately you tracked the approach course.

Through an extra couple of steps involving Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Photoshop and OziExplorer, I can do the same thing for actual flights and tracks downloaded from my GPS.