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Thank you so much Doug and Kristie for what you do. I've always wanted to fly for a living and for whatever reason, during and after college I went into business (pharmacist recruiter). After 10 years I realized that if I spent much more time on the phone, in meetings, and smoozing I'd go insane. A few years ago I found pilot related websites, including JC, and decided JC is where it's at for me. I used JC as a source for information and motivation to help get into this industry.

Meat and Potatos
I had made my decision to change careers during one of the high times of the aviation industry. Lots of new hires, regionals hiring at low times, etc. I started at ATP with the goal of becoming a Horizon FO (I know some FOs at Horizon, heard good things). I used JC and networked with a member that works at a flight school in my area, I liked what I heard, interviewed, and was hired within a week of interviewing. Completed my flight training during this 'high' (no busts, thank you very much) and was excited to start instructing somewhere and get to Horizon ASAP.

Hard Times
So I start instructing early this year as the industry goes into recession (or whatever you call it). I instruct my students, fly 6+ hours a day 5 days a week and keep tabs on JC when I can. I read about aspiring pilots deciding to get into debt for flight training (I was lucky I saved some scratch and was able to forgo the debt thing) and get flamed for wanting to fly for a living. I read about low time pilots applying to MAG and get flamed. I read about current FO's at many airlines write about getting furloughed, going back to their old jobs, finding new jobs and so on. I started to have doubts. I didn't like what I was reading on JC (and other boards) because I didn't want to think I was foolish in changing careers. I stayed away for months.

So with the current situation my time frame may change for Horizon, I'll keep flying. I feel smarter and more informed for being a JC member and everything it has to offer. Thanks to PCL, Velociraptor and others who might at times be tagged as negative. You've helped straighten out a future airline pilot with realistic goals and expectations. I learn something new almost every time someone is 'flamed', whether it's for apply with MAG, going into debt for flight training, or who knows what else. I learn something new almost every time someone gets an 'atta boy' after completing a milestone.

With all that is going on, everyday I wake up and drive to the airport (whether it's 4:30am or 8:30pm) to start my day, I have to pinch myself when I think I'm not driving to some cinder block building for a meeting, I'm driving to an airport to fly for a living.

My goals have changed. I don't have to fly for an airline. I'll try and balance QOL (married, 2 kids) along with flying. I've found some options thanks to JC. If that's at Horizon, great! That's still my main goal. Minimums go up, I understand that. If I end up having to stay in the Phoenix area, that's fine too. I'm earning pretty good money, a couple days off a week, and oh ya, I'm driving to an airport to fly for a living.

Thank you all for the information you've shared on JC.


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Good post Jeff. You have been in the corporate world and know what goes up must come down. The reverse is also true, when things are down, they will go up. There will be brighter days ahead in the airline/aviation industry.


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Good way to be bro, keep that attitude and keep teaching and you'll go far.

I'm looking forward to getting back to flight instructing, to be incredibly honest with you.


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Good post jeff. Not that I know more than anyone else out there, cuz I know I don't, give yourself a little room to.........how should I say this? Come down eventually? I think I speak for many of us when I say we all love driving to the airport to work, but once your knee deep in it, you tend to lose some of the luster. Just saying don't be like me, and not expect that, and feel down when when I realized it sucked driving 2 hours at 2am to go to work, or driving to LAX on a friday night to get on a red eye for chicago when your girlfriend is home for the weekend.

Ahhhhh, dont listen to me. I'm just an old fart in a 28 y o body.


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great post Jeff!! and congrats for a job well done... it takes your own self motivation to do what you want to do in this world.

All we ever ask is that you pay it forward!! :D

and help us plug NJC...hehe


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Thanks man! I'm just the guy who keeps the lights on and carries the cattleprod to make sure we don't generate into just another average aviation internet forum.

But we're a sum of all of our parts. The good, the bad and the Kingairerisms. :)

You guys helped get me thru my own dark days in the profession (whether ya'll knew it or not) and I hope we can return the favor. Ebb 'n flow.