Japanese boy wanting to be pilot. I live in Hawaii.


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I am a 15.25 year old Japanese boy who wants to become a airline pilot. I came from Japan 9 years ago. I am doing fine in school and earning a higher than average grade. I currently do not have any working visas or green cards or citizenships. Anyone know a way to get one?This is one of my major problems because if I would like to start traing as a pilot, I would need some type`of work permit so I would be able to work in the U.S and raise money for training. My japanese language skills are about the skills of a current 7th grader in Japan so there are less hopes of I working at a Japanese carrier except for contract work which does not guarantee you would be able to work forever. I am in 10th grade. I would like to be a pilot mostlikely based in Japan. All the Japanese pilot jobs are contracts jobs usually 3 years. I would like an permanent job being based in Japan. If that is not possible Hawaii would be okay but I would preffer being based in Japan. The only place I could think about is United or Northwest which has an NRT hub. The only problem is if I would like to be a 747 or 777 pilot based or flying into Japan as well as asia, I wonder how many years of working in the U.S with United or Northwest I would need to be an 777 or 747 pilot. I mostlikely would like to live in Japan and Hawaii. Any work suggestions? I wonder if there would be room for me to start my own business while I am working as an airline pilot. I also would like to hear recomendation on flight schools in Hawaii. I just don't know if there is any jobs availabe to accept my selfishness.
I can't say for sure, but I think a lot of the Asian airlines train from the ground up. When I was instructing a few years ago, I had two Korean students who left because they were accepted into the Korean Airlines training program. From what I understand they were going to train in California, when they got their Comm, Inst, ME, they would be trained as "relief pilots" on one of KALs aircraft. After a few years they would be able to move up.

I would look into what ANA, JAL and others require, and how they hire. With U.S. airlines you have to go through several years of training and flying with a regional airline before a major airline would look at you. And then, depending on the economy and such, it could take years just to land in the FO seat of a 747.

But I think there are a lot of options out there for you. Good luck.
My first question is if you don't have a visa, green card, or citizenship, how have you been here for 9 years? I'd assume your parents are here in connection with a business or government function that allows you residency. There were a few guys at Flight Safety Academy who were from Japan and going through the same thing you are. Basically, if you don't have that work permit though, its a dead end for ANY job. You should do a lot of reading here INS to find out what are the requirements for work permits etc. An easy way would be to marry a U.S. citizen.
You'll find that most of those flights from the U.S. to Japan are flown by very senior pilots, so you might have a longer wait to get based there or go there.
If you live on Oahu then try Flight School Hawaii. They are located just east of Honolulu International Airport on Lagoon Drive. Wallace Freelander and Sandra Fujimoto own and operate the school. They are one of the best, if not the best school on Oahu. They are affiliated with Honolulu Community College so you can also earn college credit while training there.

I did my Private Pilot training there and loved it. Give them a call and I am sure they will be able to answer all your questions and maybe even get you started flying!

Good Luck
I live and work in Honolulu. One of my captains also works at Washin Air. The flight school and tour operator will definitely be a help to you, as they are Japanese. I would contact them even just to answer the same questions you posted. Here's their info:

Washin Air, Inc.
Honolulu International Airport
100 Iolana Place
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
(808) 836-3539

Good Luck.
Hello Fellow Asian....

First Congratulations on the idea of flying and for joining team DOUG!

Let me put my thoughts in points for better clarity...

* If you donot have a PR visa/Citizenship you CANNOT work in US of A

* Try getting trained in USA... asian countries will accept foreign licences without any work experience.

* Reaching your dream of flying 777/747 will take a minimum of 20 years of flying if you are in USA. But here in asia you can expect to be a supernumery crew / second officers (not FEs though) on the biggies (777 767 747)..get down to 737s etc as F/Os and then move up as FO on the biggies again after a few years or may upgrade to captain in smaller ones. And this may happen as fast as 5-6 years.
But it still depends on many factors. I know a guy who started his career at 23 on A300s and now at 28 he is a 747200 F/o here in india.

* East or West home is better than trying to work in another country (to some extent) for pilots...

* I think the contracted pilot vacancies are mostly for senior captains...because no airline will pick a pilot train him for a million bucks and chase him away after 2-3 years... Now that JAS and JAL corp are all merging and expanding rapidly you can expect a lot of vacancies by the time you finish your college/flying training...

* Try contacting JAL after a few years for a Sponsored Training i think i've read somewhere.

Just my .02 YEN!!!

* Reaching your dream of flying 777/747 will take a minimum of 20 years of flying if you are in USA.

[/ QUOTE ]

Hey don't scare the kid! Many pilots have done this in fewer years. Sure it's a very lofty goal, but it can be done faster. I know a 28 year old 747 F/O for a major frieght company.
Hello future,
Here is what I know: There are only 2 or 3 ways to become an airline pilot in Japan. One, is the company (ANA, JAL) sponsored training program that will train you from zero to whatever aircraft they need you in. For this particular porgram, they will only recruit select university students(good grades, meet requirements, etc). Two, is through a few affiliate flight schools, such as one in Miyazaki City in Kagoshima-Ken. From there you go into a pool of candidates to wait. Three, join the Japanese Air Self Defense Force(air force). My suggestion is for you to contact the human resources folks at ANA, or JAL group and ask them about their college recruiting program. I'll research it here and if I find any good sources I'll send them to you. Also, lets say YOU get all your training in the states at some flight school and you try to apply to any airline here, you will be sadly turned away. They want folks that have traveled through the only 3 ways to the cockpit. Believe me, I know it first and second hand. Lastly, contract jobs are for highly experienced foreign pilots, as someone already mentioned; so forget about those for now. As a Japanese citizen your chances are greater if you try to come home and get in through the Japanese system. If you need more info feel free to PM me. Best wishes to you.

I lived in Hawaii for 3 years while in the Air Force before moving back to Indiana. I did my flight training at a local FBO by the name of George's Aviation on Lagoon Drive at Honolulu International. Also Flight School Hawaii is a good FBO with new Cessna 172's on the flight line.

Good Luck .... I miss flying in Hawaii.

I guess I would try to apply for an U.S citizenship. How do I do that and does anyone know the process? My parents may apply for a green card next year. If I could get an citizenship or green card I would go for flying. If it does not, I will give up flying which is very very sad and something I would not want to do. I guess the Japanese carriers are asking too much from me so I would need to give up on JAL or ANA. Even if I dont have a green card or US citizenship would other Asian airlines hire me? How are there current pay scales?? Also if I do get an permit to work in the US I may consider commuting to the US from Japan or live in the US until I would have enough senority to be flying into Japan. Is there any US airlines that has Japanese bases wher I could live in Japan? Also I been looking at Georges Aviation and Flight School Hawaii. Georges Aviation sounds very affordable than Flight School Hawaii. How is Georges Avation? I would like to hear about that school. Mr. Doug Taylor, at Delta how many years of senority would you currently need to be a 777 pilot flying in and out of Japan? Do they have Japanese Bases?

I didnt mean to scare you by mentioning the number of years just forgot to add "At this economy rate".but things are improving and fast there are 2-3 new Airline pilots in the JC community already..

If your parents are going to get their green cards i think there is not much trouble for you to get a GC. Besides You DONT need a USA GC to be taken in by asian airlines after all u r japanese.If you are a US citizen..u may have troubles because u may again have to undergo a lot of social formalities regarding the Dual Citizenships.

Also if I do get an permit to work in the US ...

[/ QUOTE ]

You are hired/appointed in the US for an US airline.Therefore you work in US and thats why they ask for the GC/citizenship! You cannot be based in japan and work in USA until u r hired by the airline which need a GC.

Quite confusin eh?!

Mr. Doug Taylor, at Delta how many years of senority would you currently need to be a 777 pilot flying in and out of Japan? Do they have Japanese Bases

[/ QUOTE ]

Oh please! you have a lot of time to think about such things... You work on your studies first ..remember Delta need a 4 yr college degree and around 2500hrs and a minimum age of 21. Thats atleast 6-7 years from now. Try to tackle the hurdles in between first.

I too claculated all these sort of things and ..believe me its not good..Patience and Determination are the only 2 things. I almost quit college a year back (hope some of u remember)..now im fine a class topper, a renowed aviation enthusiast and hoping to step into Flying/Aerospace after college.

Remember There's always time..and you in particular have lots of it.... "And..God serves who only wait"

Best of Luck..