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"Janet" hiring again...


I always thought it would be fun to fly with Janet. Funjet for the aliens in Area 51! Do you think the aliens have to go through security prior to boarding, or do they just let them get on?


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So your pay comes from URS? I was always under the impression that janet was an AF operated operation including the pilots. I didn't know they were civ. On a side not looks like they're hiring flight attendants also. Those layovers must be fun at their "destinations".:nana2: I heard they fly to several different bases not just area 51, still the turnover rates at janet must be pretty high.


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3000 hrs. of flying time, a B-737 Type Rating, and an active TS/SSBI security clearance
This might be a harder job to get than you think. I would imagine there aren't to many people running around with a TS with SSBI and a 737 type rating.


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2500tt seems oddly non-specific. I wonder what they pay. Do they hire for positions in 'Experimental' aircraft, too:D?

The thing about that job is that you cant talk about it....no raving, no ranting, no telling girls in bars, no on-line forums, no venting about the ongoing jumpseat war between the Human and Extraterrestrial pilot groups...


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I applied. Its what you do when your bored out of your mind sitting reserve!

bugsmasher, is that KAL on your avatar? why?


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So how do you qualify for a TS/SSBI security clearance???
Whats involved in that?
And to add to what aloft said, you can expect to sit around 9-12 months while the SSBI is completed. Not sure how URS works, but my company doesn't hire people without active clearances because you're basically a paperweight until your clearance comes through.