Jan 4th 2010 No More Colgan in LGA

just says no more lga flying, that includes affected cities.

Crew members will be allowed to transition to other bases etc in the system, and that we are looking to farm the flying to other carriers (UA maybe?)

It's really not much news at this point, I'd say the witting has been on the wall for a long time now. Also said they will announce the "location" of the next 15 CAL Q's as soon as they know.
So unless they move those planes to Boston, besides the DCA-CRW trip what Airways flying will Colgan still do?
oh haha EWR and LGA I guess there is a difference. ha. Good thing I never fly that would be an embarrassing mistake! So you guys do fly for US Airways!:D
Seems like US Airways is looking to trim some operations in their system in general.

Will this displace a lot of Colgan pilots? Were the Airways operators still in outstation bases?
We have a LGA, CHO and MHT base. All 3 will be closed. 20 CAs 21 FOs. However over half of CHO is UAL flying. We are understaffed in quite a few places, this will just even it out. We will be ramping up Q hiring in March, so no furloughs.
Quite a few of these routes are not airways routes, they are Colgan routes and LGA slots. I'm interested to see how much money Colgan gets for it's LGA slots. I believe the buf-bdl flight is a Colgan route.
I would not be shocked to see PDT take these over, Colgan be out all together and AWAC take some of the old PDT routes in in the Northeast.......

BOS-PQI - Colgan EAS
BOS-BHB - Colgan EAS
BOS-AUG - Colgan EAS
BOS-ALB - Just a flight to get BOS SAABs to a MX base.
BOS-SYR - Colgan owns the route and landing slots.
BUF-ROC-BDL - If Colgan gives this up, no one will take it over. It's a niche market for Colgan. And a VERY profitable one.

Colgan SAABs only use Airways paint (brand) and ticket systems. We are not a CPA. It costs US Airways $0 to have us around. We only get paid for the passengers we fly. Not seats or completed flight.

I do think Colgan could be out of the US Airways system in the future, but that will be Colgan's decision ultimately. I doubt US Airways will pull the agreement.

Stranger things have happened.
Jeesh. It's going to be a long hard winter for Colgan on those Maine routes, trying to haul everything to ALB for MX. Better start asking for some more money from congress, Mesaba got it for GLH (1.8mil or something) from the Feds. Takes a while to open the pocket books.
BOS-SYR - Colgan owns the route and landing slots.

Boston isn't slot controlled, and post deregulation there is no more route authority in the US.

Other than that, thanks for the list. I didn't realize CJ was doing so much at risk flying out of Boston still.
I was going to say, domestically nobody really "owns" a route. Sure, slot controlled airports and Essential Air Service are different, but other than that any 121 carrier can start flights between two domestic airports.