It's another "I need help" thread!


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It\'s another \"I need help\" thread!

Okay guys.....need a little help with this one:

Last week I put in my transfer paperwork for either FLL or PBI with JetBlue. I'm currently getting enrolled in the Broward/Comair program in FLL. Today my old supe at SW calls me.....asks me to stop by this sometime this week. Seems SW is planning on expanding up at BDL and they're gonna be hiring people and he wants me to come back. My question to you guys is this........should I go back to SW and go to school and finish flight training up here......or go to FL and do the same.

I'm kinda leaning toward going to FL because I'll be able to hold a pretty good schedule with my seniority with JB. Going back to SW means going back to the bottom of the seniority list...meaning for at least 6 mos, I won't have much control over my schedule,making trying to schedule college and flight lessons pretty difficult. However I know almost no one in Florida besides a couple members of my family, most of my friends are at WN/BDL.......and I really miss working with them sometimes. So I'm at a crossroads and really need some help! What do you guys think?
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If It were up to me, I would definetly go to FL. I have had enough of this horrible NY winter. Down there you could enjoy great weather, flight training, and you will still be able to work for B6. Also, moving away might get you to really concentrate more on your flying. There will probably be more distractions for you up here.
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I would stick with JB. Being last man on the seniority list sucks. Its nice to have some say over your schedual.

BTW, any idea if JB is coming to BWI??
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I kept my same career and moved locations. I'm happy I'm in FL because the weather for flying is usually much better than up north. Also, the resources here are better than what I had before. There are about 7 or 8 flight schools within 20 minutes of my house. That means better selection of aircraft, several sims available (EXCELLENT for the IR and to keep current), and a wide array of instructors.

Part of moving down here was to get away from distractions. That was easy at first, but unless you are a total geek
you're going to make friends. Come to think of it, I think all pilots are geeks so you shouldn't have a problem. It didn't take me long to find good friends, even with a full time teaching job and flying 5 times a week.

Since you work for JB you have free travel bennies, right? It's only a 2 hour flight to JFK from MCO, so it can't be that much further from FLL. Plus, you can always find really cheap airfare to get home from here.

I vote for the move down south.
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Well, who do you want to fly for, JBLU or SWA?
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Take warning though it might be hard to balance college courses, flight training, and working. I have tried doing all 3 part 61 and I will the first to admit it whooped my butt. So if you do chose FLL just make sure you will be able to do it all. I know Comair wants you to put them as #1 priority over any job!
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Answer to your question is simple-Stick with an airline where you have high senority. Your schedule will become more important when you begin your school.
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Thanks for the advice guys! I;m gonna go check things out at BDL and see what the offer is. If it's for Operations,I'll might take it....however if the offer is to be a ramp rat,I think I'm gonna pass. Somehow being a ramper in FL beats being one in CT.