Item 17.a - Do You Currently Use Any Medication

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Sr. Aviation Medical Examiner
This is one of a series of threads regarding the history portion of the FAA Form 8500-8 that you complete every time you get a flight physical. For the vast majority of you, this will be just informational and you will not be affected. As with many of the conditions discussed here and elsewhere in these threads, there is a requirement for the pilot to provide medical records and physician documentation regarding the medical condition being reported.

Item 17.a. Do You Currently Use Any Medication (Prescription or Nonprescription)?

You must give the name of medication(s) and indicate if the medication was listed in a previous FAA medical examination. This includes both prescription and nonprescription medication.

Many medications are allowed without further evaluation or consideration. Some medications may require FAA approval. At any time you are uncertain whether or not a medication prescribed by your doctor is approved for flying, call your AME for advice.

* Italicized text is from FAA documents