It was a long week...


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... but today i found out that, starting October 15th,2009 I'll be working as a Aerial Imaging Pilot for Air America.

And as expected i got this job because of only one reason and that is networking,....okay okay, and maybe a little bit of skills :)

Big shout out and thanks to Jeremy (TXAviator) for really helping me out and putting in a good word for me, first round of beer is on me brotha.:beer:

And of course, once again a big thanks to Doug for creating such a great forum. Hopefully one day, I'll get a chance to participate in a Network JC event and finally meet you and Kristie.

Woot!!!! :rawk:
dont everyone rush to say im an arrogant, self-interested bastard all at once!! :rotfl:

big up to jfk-pilot, and i am sure his first round of beer will taste OH SO SWEET!! :rawk:

see you in Daytona buddy.